Funded Research Studies




In 2015, AlterMed awarded funding to:

Jonathan Greenberg, PhD from Harvard/MGH for Examining cognitive mechanisms of clinical improvement following mindfulness based therapy for recurrently depressed individuals.

In December 2013, AlterMed awarded funding to support 2 studies:

Holly Hazlett-Stevens, PhD, and Yelena Oren at University of Nevada at Reno, for Effectiveness of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Bibliotherapy.  See AlterMed August 2014 Newsletter  for the latest update.

Iris Bell, PhD, for Evidence-based Research on the Nanoparticle Nature of Homeopathic Medicines. There are over 500 million homeopathic users in the world today despite the lack of an established credible mechanism. AlterMed is funding this area to identify possible precursors needed to establish a possible mechanism consistent with current scientific theories. See AlterMed August 2014 Newsletter for an overview of Dr. Bell's research. Dr. Bell's data suggests traditional homeopathic methods involving succussions not only release silica from glassware walls but also cork oak from cork stoppers. Dr. Bell’s study was the first to use nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA). This funded study opens the door for more studies on the effects of homeopathically-prepared medicines in the treatment of cancer.

In December of 2011, AlterMed opened doors at the University of Colorado to enable CAM research.

Sara Dryden from Notre Dame has conducted a survey of cancer patients on the use of CAM.  See her  abstract  and AlterMed acknowledged as a sponsor of the CU Cancer Research Summer 2012 Fellowship.

Two medical students (Erin Gonzales and Laura Barrett), via the Mentored Scholarly Activity (mentors: Lisa Corbin, MD, Rick Padilla, MD, and Morris Askenazi, MD), researched the effect of curanderismo [Hispanic folk medicine] on chronic non-malignant pain patients: an observational study. They plan involved observing if patients can better manage their pain when their standard opiate treatment is augmented with raspada (acupressure), aromatherapy, and sound therapy. They are submitting their results for publication.

In July of 2011, we awarded a grant to Melissa Rosenkranz, PhD, out of Richard Davidson, PhD's lab at University of Wisconsin to support Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction research with asthma patients. She is submitting the results for publication.

Research Funding Process

  • AlterMed funds qualified researchers at universities and hospitals to do rigorous integrative medicine research in the areas of our donors' interest plus AlterMed's focused areas adding quality management to meet conventional reseach standard.
  • Application and funding approval cycle - see announcement above if available. 
  • Research proposals are reviewed by AlterMed board and/or advisors which are experts in the field of research interest. 

Funded Research Characteristics

  • Research to meet highest regulatory & scientific standard using statistically significant double-blind, randomized controlled methods whenever possible.
  • Research progress will be regularly monitored and reported by researchers.
  • Research is repeatable.
  • Results will be submitted to peer-reviewed journals with impact level 2 or higher by the researchers for publication whenever possible.