Mark Laudenslager, PhD, Director

Mark L. Laudenslager, Ph.D. is a Professor of Psychiatry, University Of Colorado Denver School Of Medicine, and the director of the Behavioral Immunology and Endocrinology Laboratory and the Developmental Psychobiology Research Group. His early research explored behavior and immune interactions at a time when psychoneuroimmunology was not widely accepted.  He was central in the organization and founding of the Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society, a group which has provided some of the critical evidence base for the role of complementary approaches to health and well-being. He received the Norman Cousins award from that society in 2013 for his contributions to the field of psychoneuroimmunology. His National Institute of Cancer funded randomized control trial focused on an intervention for chronically distressed populations such as caregivers of blood or marrow transplant recipients,  The intervention was quite successful in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression in caregivers. The overarching theme of his research is that healthy families improve patient behavioral and medical outcome. His current funding from Patient centered Outdoes Research Institute is focused on improved patient quality of life stemming from improved caregiver well-being.  Dr. Laudenslager joined the AlterMed board in 2010.