Kerri Diamant, Founder, Board President and Executive Director

Kerri Diamant, Founder of AlterMed Research Foundation, has over nine years of nonprofit Executive Director experience.  She also has over 15 years of experience in the management of sciences, technology, and business.  She is experienced in bio-sciences research, engineering/root cause analysis, fund-raising, event management, networking/organizational collaboration, grant-writing, marketing, organizational start-up formation, and program/people management.  Ms. Diamant has a BA in Biology, a minor in Biochemistry, and a BS in Electrical Engineering.  Her life being saved by alternative medicine at a young age when conventional medicine had given up hope and her exposure to healthcare from both Taiwan and the United States ignited her passion to enable more research and education of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).  Kerri Diamant partners and leverages the expertise and resources of the health care industry, volunteers/staff, corporate/individual donors, and the government to advance AlterMed Research Foundation’s mission – to be a change agent, through research and education, to achieve full integration of evidence-based medicine into conventional health care so all people can enjoy optimum wellness.