Volunteer Opportunities to make a difference cheering-folks from pixaby
in advancing human health through Complementary & Alternative Medicine-CAM
(or Integrative Medicine)  research and education

AlterMed Research Foundation raises and distributes funds for evidence-based scientific research and education of complementary and alternative medicine so someday all humans can have mainstream access to the best of integrative health approaches and be free of cancer and chronic illness. Our mission is to be a change agent, through research and education, to achieve the full integration of evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine into conventional health care so all people can enjoy optimum wellness.

Effective immediately, the following volunteer opportunities are available. We are looking for individuals that are positive, have a can-do attitude, and willing to commit time and effort to make quality contributions to humanity.

Fund-raising and Event Planning Volunteers
To apply creativity to plan fund-raising events and to carry out all aspects of these events including getting sponsors, marketing/communication, and coordination.

Marketing Volunteer
To raise awareness of AlterMed Research Foundation's cause and to promote its mission & fundraising events. Create and make visible press releases, news articles, public service announcements, and other communications including social media. Network with supporters in the global community to raise visibility, build relationships, get sponsorships& donations to support our cause. 

Grant Writing Volunteers
To research and identify grant-making foundations that are good match for funding AlterMed's cause.  Be able to manage and present data& case well in grant proposals.  Successful health related grant-writing experience strongly preferred.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Volunteer
Increase search engine efficiency for AlterMed & AlterMed page rank. Experienced and local to Colorado only. 

NonProfit Quickbooks and Accounting Volunteer
To provide free consulting and assistance to AlterMed Research Foundation to keep up with Quickbooks, financial statements, and prepare non-profit tax returns.  Experienced only please. 

Board Members who are philanthropists
Influential philanthropic individuals that are willing and able to make on-going significant financial contributions to AlterMed to further its mission and vision. Have the ability to promote and raise funds through networking and influence.

If interested, please email info@altermedresearch.org

We are so grateful for volunteers who have made a significant contribution to AlterMed, they include: 

Marketing: Lauren A, Torie B, Jessica O, Rachel M, Cheryl D, Rebecca L
Research: Becky B
Accounting and Book-keeping: Vidya P
Planning Event Managers: Tressa O, Lisa G, Netta G, Catherine M, Jenn W, Kerina M, Crystal S, Sue L
Conference Registration Support: Michelle C, Heather F, Diana F, Debbe M
Process and Organization Development: Diana F
General Support and Conference Logistics: Rudi R, Kim P, Kelly S, Nicola K
Silent Auction and Event Support: Daniela D, Monica O, Sandra M, Carly W, Becki T
Conference Foods: Sandy R, Rebecca L
Catering Managers: Brenda C, Vicky C
Spiritual and Meditation Support: Lindsay W
Graphics Designer: Heather S, Jamie T
e-Newsletter Editor: Anand D, Shiela B
website: Jamie T

We are also thankful for all of our past volunteers - too many to mention.  Best wishes!