Photo Roberta Kline

Dr. Roberta Kline is a physician, author, teacher and entrepreneur who is passionate about empowering others with the knowledge and tools they need to create health of mind, body and spirit. Board-certified in Ob-Gyn, with additional expertise in functional medicine, genomics, epigenetics, and multiple healing modalities, she actively shares her knowledge and vision with others through teaching, collaboration, and speaking.

Dr. Bobbi is cofounder (with Dr. Joe Veltmann) and CEO of Genomic Solutions NOW!, NCG Health Solutions, and GENESIS Center 4 Personalized Health, dedicated to transforming healthcare through teaching others how to create individualized health unique to each person’s DNA. She feels deeply that our health is intimately connected to how the foods we eat and the environments we create physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually speak to our genes. She is the co-author of The Blood Type Cookbook, written with Joe R. Veltmann, PhD, created as a solution for their patients who were finding success with the Blood Type diet, but were challenged in making meals the whole family could eat.

Through her own journey to health, she left traditional practice to create an innovative holistic practice based on functional and energy medicine, and as she incorporated functional genomics, realized the power of this combination to transform personalized medicine.

She brought her love for teaching functional medicine, energy medicine, genomics and epigenetics to a broader audience as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Guest Faculty Instructor for The Graduate Institute. By creating and teaching innovative programs for medical students, resident physicians, and master’s degree students, she is laying the foundation for changing how we approach health in the very people who will be providing the next generation of health services.

Dr Kline’s vision is a future in which the person again becomes the focus, and various traditional and alternative healthcare providers work together to help create truly personalized health plans that support an individual’s unique needs based on his/her genes. Share her mission to change the world of healthcare.