Photo Bridget Briggs

Bridget Briggs, MD, is a board-certified family practitioner who specializes in integrative medicine in her private practice in Southern California. She has received certification through The Institute of Functional Medicine, IFM, The American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, ABIHM,  and is a certified Master in Lipidology, from the National Lipid Association.

Dr. Briggs frequently lectures with other industry thought leaders on the clinical application of lifestyle medicine programs to manage cardiovascular concerns and other chronic diseases.

Dr. Briggs quest for knowledge came after her son was diagnosed at age 4 with brain cancer and traditional medicine was failing her. During her son’s horrific ordeal through 5 years of chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and 13 surgeries, she dove into research and discovered the missing link in so many chronic diseases that could be successfully treated using nutrition and life style medicine.

Today at age 12, he is a perfect vision of health and vitality due to her relentless passion and research.

Additionally, she has made a major impact in her own community, and thus has a thriving practice with 3 month wait list. Dr. Briggs has patients from all over the country fly into see her at her Murrieta Californian office.

She is a sought after national speaker who’s talks on Methylation is standing room only at most events. Her expertise in Gut health, Hormonal Balance, Methylation, & Children’s Health is well known in the inner circles of life style medicine practitioners.

Dr. Briggs is the mother of 5 children, and lives the life she preaches in Murrieta California. She and her husband love to snowboard, camp and spend time at the beach with the family.

 “Through my own personal struggle in dealing with the dire diagnosis of my own child, I became passionate to discover the underlining connection with diet and disease and to teach others how to diagnose and treat their patients.” Dr. Bridget Briggs