Go Wild: Free Your Body and Mind from the Afflictions of Civilization (July 23rd, Saturday, 8am to 9am)   

Learn how to achieve optimal physical and mental health by tapping into our Caveman roots and Going Wild!   In this lecture, we’ll explore our genetic makeup when it comes diet, exercise, sleep, nature, mindfulness and more, and how the mismatch in our modern day lifestyle is affecting our overall well being on a daily basis. Delving into the science behind these important concepts, we will learn how to “re-wild” our lives to achieve optimal health and happiness, while touching  on how Academia is looking at the magic of our hunter gatherers past as a tool to understand and combat the epidemics of obesity, sedentarism, and diabetes. By focusing on the ways of the past, it is possible to secure a healthier and happier future, and Go Wild will show you how.


The participant will be able to recall and elaborate for her patients the benefits of meditation as it impacts their general health and the brains.

The participant will be able to help patients realize the importance of getting the necessary amount of restorative sleep.

The participant will be able to help her patients understand the physical and psychological benefits of spending time in nature.