Female Hormones in Mental Health: Practical Knowledge and Tools

Workshop description:

So many questions, fears and emotions surround the topic of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Women are symptomatic and frequently afraid. Environmental toxins are creating hormone imbalances earlier in life. The media selectively emphasizes messages of alarm. Even if you don’t plan to prescribe hormones, most practices are full of women with questions about this topic.

This workshop will prepare you to empower your patients with a discussion of the risks and benefits of HRT along with critical distinctions between types of HRT. You will gain practical tools for assessing and treating simple hormone imbalances in your integrative medical practice.

Topics include:

What is the latest assessment of safety data in the medical literature?

What are the unappreciated causes of cancer and where do hormones fit?

Which mental and physical symptoms accompany hormone imbalance?

How can progesterone replacement during peri/menopause reduce mental health symptoms?

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the updated conclusions of the WHI study and other research on HRT safety.
  2. Distinguish the difference between bio-identical and traditional HRT.
  3. Develop the ability to use progesterone safely in women of all ages to address anxiety, insomnia, PMS, etc.
  4. Appreciate the mental and physical health benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement.