Exercise: Perfect Elixir to Keep the Brain Young (July 22nd, Friday, 7:10pm to 8:40pm)

This lecture will focus on the information that has accumulated to show that one of the most important activities to keep our brain from deteriorating is physical movement and exercise. There has been a wealth of studies both in the laboratory, clinically, and epidemiologically that indicate that moving our bodies and our muscles has a direct effect on building and preserving our brains.   The increase in oxygen and improvement in our cardiovascular system and its indirect effect on the brain is obvious.  Since the mid90s with the recognition that our brains are like our muscles as well and the more we use it the better it gets, launched a whole new view of the many ways that our exercise and play have on keeping our brains young and perky!  In this presentation, Dr. Ratey will outline the convincing arguments that our large thinking brains evolved to help us be better movers and that each time we move we activate and strengthen our 100 billion cells.  


The participant will be able to describe how using our brain cells promotes the growth and maintenance of our  brain cells.

The participant will be able to recall how movement affects your brain systems, makes for the best environment for growth which is the way the brain learns, and how movement is key to creating new brain cells. This will allow the participant to motivate patients to move.

The participant will be able to guide patients to integrate exercise into their daily lives.