Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity: The Future of Mental Health (Scott Shannon, MD)

Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity are the two most significant discoveries in neuroscience in the last twenty years. Since the publication of the ENCODE data in 2013 scientists have now realized the power of epigenetics far outstrips previous estimates. Diet, exercise, supplements and trauma all can create long lasting changes for mental health. Neuroplasticity tells us that the brain can change and in profound ways through the life span. Together they will refine psychiatry and the practice of mental health treatment. Dr. Shannon will outline these developments and their implications for all of us.

Objectives: Participant will

  1. Understand the nature of epigenetic influences on mental health
  2. Recall the most effective tools for epigenetic modification
  3. Be able to describe the benefits of Neurofeedback